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A recursive version of _.defaults.


Implements a deep version of _.defaults.


This module DOES NOT merge arrays or dates.

$ npm install merge-defaults
var _ = require('lodash');
// Override basic `_.defaults` 
_.defaults = require('merge-defaults');
// Or you can add it as a new method 
_.mergeDefaults = require('merge-defaults');

This module is a temporary solution, until lodash has something similar in core that can be called as a single method. In the mean time, this is a hack to make our code more readable. i.e. I know what _.defaults means intuitively, but I have to look up _.partialRight every time.

To get the latest status, see the original issue in the lodash repo.

I'll update this repo with install/version info if something comparable is added to lodash core at some point.

MIT © Mike McNeil 2014