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    Memory Blocks

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    The old Memory Blocks game (part of the Symantec Game Pack) ported to modern web.

    📝 A Bit of History

    2001 was the year when I first played a computer game. I was 6 year old.

    It happened when we visited a friend in the neighboring village. I really enjoyed that game. That time there were just few people having computers.

    The game I played was Memory Blocks. It is part of the Symantec Game Pack, coded by Charles Timmerman–founder of Funster and author of over 90 puzzle books.

    In the meantime I became a web developer and finally decided to port this game to WEB. Yes, you're looking at it and you can play it in your browser.

    I contacted Charles Timmerman and showed him what I built. He was so happy to see his game alive on a modern platform:

    Amazing! That looks exactly my game!

    I like how the high score table looks the same and even the black & white option is preserved. In those days, there were Windows computers that were in black & white! You might be interested to know that I wrote all the games in assembly language- my choice in those days over the usual C.

    I asked him to tell me more about the game history. He said:

    There wasn't very many games for Windows in 1991 when I created Memory Blocks and the other games in the Symantec Game Pack. I liked the idea of making cutting-edge computers play children's games that even our grandparents might be familiar with. It was a chance for the player to go back to childhood while still sitting in an office. (Windows computers were mainly for business in those days). I think these familiar games resonated with people and lead to their success.

    📷 Screenshots

    ❓ About & How to play

    🐫 High Scores, Big board, colored

    📺 High Scores, Little board, greyscale

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    🍰 Thanks

    • Lots of thanks to Charles Timmerman–the author of the original game, part of the Symantec Game Pack for Windows. He granted me permissions to use the game images and design in this clone. 🍰
    • Big thanks to Antonija Šimić (@tonkec) for implementing the 3D animations. ✨

    📜 License

    MIT © Ionică Bizău


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