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ls a tar with gnu tar in child processes.

this is a silly wrapper around tar -tvf that manages spawning only up to a number of processes your system can handle.

warning. this may only work on linux as it parses the string output of gnutar. use node tar for x platform.


const ls = require('ls-tar')
ls('./my-tar.tgz', function(err,result){

result is an array of entires. each entry has a name and size.




  • default export. ls = require('ls-tar')
  • tar is the file you want to list. can be gzipped
  • cb(err,entries) the callback,cb)

  • tar. the tarball
  • cb(err,stream)
    • stream as an object stream on entires
    • {"name":"a/file.txt","size":"8"}
    • errors from tar are emitted as errors on the stream. you must handle them.