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kind-error The MIT License

Base class for easily creating meaningful and quiet by default Error classes.

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npm i kind-error --save


  • You can customize error name with name property in options object.
  • By default won't have stack property in the composed error object.
  • You should pass showStack: true in options if you want stacktraces.
  • Composes meaningful error output if actual and expected given.
  • If actual and expected is given, will compose message automatically.


For more use-cases see the tests

const KindError = require('kind-error')


Initialize KindError class with message and options.



const err = new KindError('msg', {
  showStack: true,
  custom: 123
console.log(err) // => [KindError: msg]
console.log(err.custom) // => 123
console.log(err.stack) // => error stack trace

Or if you give actual and expected it will make default message. See this example.

const assert = require('assert')
const err = new KindError({
  actual: [1, 2, 3],
  expected: {foo: 'bar'}
assert.deepEqual(err.actual, [1, 2, 3])
assert.deepEqual(err.expected, {foo: 'bar'})
assert.strictEqual(err.stack, undefined)
assert.strictEqual(err.type.actual, 'array')
assert.strictEqual(err.type.expected, 'object')
assert.strictEqual(err.inspect.actual, '[ 1, 2, 3 ]')
assert.strictEqual(err.inspect.expected, '{ foo: \'bar\' }')
assert.strictEqual(err.message, 'expect `object`, but `array` given')

Example AppError

Here we show how to create new error class

var util = require('util')
var KindError = require('kind-error')
function AppError () {
  KindError.apply(this, arguments) = 'AppError'
util.inherits(AppError, KindError) = function () {
  return 123
var err = new AppError('foo bar', {baz: 'qux'})
//=> err
// => 'AppError'
// err.message => 'foo bar'
// err.baz => 'qux'
// => 123


  • abbrev-kindof: Use abbreviations for checking type of given value. Like kindof(val, 'soa') to check that value is string, object or array.
  • assert-kindof: Check native type of the given value and throw TypeError if not okey. Expressive, elegant, behavior-driven API, good descriptive default error messages, simple and clean syntax.
  • is-kindof: Check type of given javascript value. Support promises, generators, streams, and native types. Thin wrapper around kind-of module.
  • kind-of-extra: Extends kind-of type check utility with support for promises, generators, streams and errors. Like kindof(Promise.resolve(1)) //=> 'promise' and etc.
  • kind-of-types: List of all javascript types. Used and useful for checking, validation, sanitizing and testing. Like isStream, isPromise, isWeakset and etc.
  • error-base: Create custom Error classes.


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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