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JSX Whitespace Transformer

React 0.9 changes the way whitespace is parsed from JSX.

Take this example block:

  <input type="text" /> <button />

In 0.8 and below, this would be transformed to the following:

  " Monkeys: ",
  React.DOM.input( {type:"text"} ), React.DOM.button(null )

In 0.9, this will instead be transformed the following:

  React.DOM.input( {type:"text"} ), " ", React.DOM.button(null )


The jsx_whitespace_transformer module ships an executable which transforms a file or directory of files. It looks for the @jsx React.DOM trigger, the same as the jsx transformer works. Files will be modified in place, so be sure you are prepared for that.

$ npm -g install jsx_whitespace_transformer
$ jsx_whitespace_tranformer <path_to_file_or_files>