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Installed Check

Checks that the installed modules comply fulfill the requirements of package.json.

By default checks module versions but can optionally also check engine requirements.


Command line

npm install -g installed-check

Then run it at the root of your project to validate the installed dependencies:


As npm script

npm install --save-dev installed-check
"scripts": {
  "test": "installed-check"

Programmatic use

npm install --save installed-check
var installedCheck = require('installed-check');
installedCheck().then(result => {
  if (result.errors.length) {
    console.error('Dependency errors: \n\n' + result.errors.join('\n') + '\n');


installedCheck('path/to/module', {
  engineCheck: true
  .then(result => ...)


  1. path – optional string path to the module to do the check in. Defaults to .
  2. options – optional object containing additional options for the module


A Promise resolving to:

  notices: ['123'],
  warnings: ['Abc'],
  errors: ['Xyz']


  • engineCheck / --engine-check / -e – if set installed-check will check that the installed modules comply with the engines requirements of the package.json and suggest an alternative requirement if the installed modules don't comply.

Additional command line options

  • --help / -h – prints all available flags
  • --strict / -s – treats warnings as errors
  • --verbose / -v – prints warnings and notices