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A fairly simple indexed array, mutable or immutable (togglable). Can be consumed as:

  • standalone functions
  • augmented array object
  • closure over your variables
  • class

So there's really something suitable for all coding styles.

The same array can be indexed by multiple indexes; for example, if you set an index name and an index path, items will be indexed on one, or the other, or both, or none, depending if they haveOwnProperty name or path. There is no enforcement on having an array comprised of same objects.
However, indexes will not keep track of uniqueness, that's up to you. If you add an object with {name:'a',someProp:'something'} and then push another {name:'a',someProp:'somethingElse'}, the index a will be set to the second object.

The project is very new and API is far from being stabilized.

Documentation will come later, in the meantime, have a look at the tests, all 168 of them, which is not enough, but a good start. There's a generated

MIT License.