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Linq-Collections: (IEnumerable, ...) + (List, Dictionary, ...)

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Strongly typed Linq implementation for Javascript and TypeScript (ES5, ES6, +)
Includes collections (+ readonly versions): List, Dictionary, Stack, ...

Under active development
This project is activelly being developed and improved by Ivan Sanz (isc30)

Please expect some missing features until it's finished. Development status and missing features list
If you want to contribute, open an issue explaining your feature and I will be happy to accept pull requests :D

Intellisense friendly

Every single method has complete type definitions available.
If you use TypeScript, its purely is based in generics.

[Insert motivational GIF with intellisense in action]

Browser compatibility: 100%

Using ES5, it has 100% compatibility with nodejs and all main browsers (+mobile)
Check your browser now if you don't believe it ->



Linq-Collections uses custom iterators and deferred execution mechanisms that ensure BLAZING FAST operations, outperforming any other popular library. Its also optimized to work with minimal CPU and RAM usage.

Why use it?

If previous reasons aren't enought, here are few more:

  • Javascript && TypeScript compatible - You can use it with JS or TypeScript (contains .d.ts definitions)
  • No dependencies - Pure and lightweight
  • 100% browser/nodejs support - Stop caring about compatibility, it works everywhere!
  • Strongly typed - Developed in TypeScript, it uses no 'any' or dirty code. Everything is based in generics and strongly typed
  • Best performance - Deferred execution with custom iterators make the difference. Currently the fastest library.
  • Works out of the box - 'npm install linq-collections' is the hardest thing you'll need to do
  • Collections - Provides many type of collections (list, dictionary, ... + readonly) with linq integrated inside. As in C#
  • Strict standard - Strictly implementing microsoft's official linq definition (you can check it for exceptions, behavior, etc)
  • Deeply tested - Each new version is passing tons of quality tests before being released

Using the package

Interfaces for this library are already designed. New versions won't break any old code. We strongly recommend using * for version selector

dependencies {
    "linq-collections": "*"


Complete Linq to Objects implementation (deferred execution)

toArray, toList, toDictionary, toLookup, aggregate, all, any, average, concat, contains, count, defaultIfEmpty, distinct, elementAt, elementAtOrDefault, except, first, firstOrDefault, forEach, groupBy, groupJoin, intersect, join, last, lastOrDefault, longCount, max, min, orderBy, orderByDescending, reverse, select, selectMany, sequenceEquals, single, single, singleOrDefault, skip, skipWhile, sum, take, union, where, ...

Collections (+ readonly versions)

List, Dictionary, Stack, Queue, ...

All Collections are Queryable

const list = new List<string>([
const notHello = list.where(e => e !== "Hello");

How to run tests

This library uses mocha with custom assertion helper for testing.
Use nyc mocha to run the tests and coverage.

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