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    Template helper for formatting dates with moment.js. Works with Handlebars, Lo-Dash or any template engine that supports helper functions.


    Install globally with npm

    $ npm install --global helper-moment


    The main export is a function that can be called directly:

    var moment = require('helper-moment');
    //=> 'January 02, 2017'


    With Handlebars:

    {{moment "YYYY"}}
    //=> 2017

    Usage with assemble

    (This example also works for verb, update, generate, or any other lib based on the templates library)

    Register the helper for use with any template engine

    var templates = require('templates');
    var app = templates();
    app.helper('moment', require('helper-moment'));
    app.task('default', function() {

    Helper usage

    Delimiters depend on the engine registered. For example, with Lo-Dash or Underscore templates:

    <%= moment("YYYY") %>
    //=> 2017

    Or with Verb, which uses special delimiters to avoid delimiter collision when the documentation itself includes templates that should not render (like these docs):

    {%= moment("YYYY") %}
    //=> 2017

    Usage with handlebars

    To use the helper directly with handlebars:

    var handlebars = require('handlebars');
    handlebars.registerHelper('moment', require('helper-moment'));

    Template examples:

    {{moment date "YYYY"}}
    {{moment date "MM"}}
    {{moment date endOf="week" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}
    {{moment date format="dddd"}}-{{moment date add=daysadd format="dddd"}}
    {{moment date format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}
    {{moment date format="HH:mm:ss"}}
    {{moment date isValid=true}}
    {{moment date lang="fr" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}
    {{moment date lang="fr" format="MMMM"}}
    {{moment date startOf="month" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}
    {{moment date subtract=fiveyearsago format="YYYY"}}-{{moment date format="YYYY"}}
    {{moment date utc=null format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}
    {{moment format="MMMM YYYY"}}
    {{moment daysInMonth=true}}
    {{moment diff=date}}
    {{moment endOf="week" fromNow=true}}
    {{moment date format="HH:mm:ss"}}
    {{moment from=date}}
    {{moment unixtimestamp format="HH:mm:ss"}}

    Usage with lodash or underscore

    Use directly with Lo-Dash or underscore:

    var moment =  require('helper-moment');
    // as a mixin
    _.mixin({moment: moment});
    _.template('<%= _.moment("YYYY") %>');
    //=> '2017'
    // or pass the helper on the context
    _.template('<%= moment("YYYY") %>')({moment: moment});
    //=> '2017'

    To contribute a helper to the org, follow these steps:

    1. Install the helper generator

    Install generate and [generate-helper][]:

    npm install --global generate generate-helper

    2. Generate your project

    To initialize the project, including documentation and unit tests, in the command line, run:

    gen helper

    3. Create a repo

    Create a repo on GitHub under your own account.

    4. Last, request a transfer

    Create an issue to request a transfer to the helpers org.


    Related projects


    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

    Please read the contributing guide for avice on opening issues, pull requests, and coding standards.


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    Building docs

    (This document was generated by verb-generate-readme (a verb generator), please don't edit the readme directly. Any changes to the readme must be made in

    To generate the readme and API documentation with verb:

    $ npm install -g verb verb-generate-readme && verb

    Running tests

    Install dev dependencies:

    $ npm install -d && npm test


    Jon Schlinkert


    Copyright © 2017, Jon Schlinkert. Released under the MIT license.

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