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{{moment}} NPM version

A helper to master time! Combining the powers of Assemble, Handlebars.js and Moment.js. This helper leverages Moment.js to provide ultimate control over manipulating time and dates in your templates.


Install the helper:

npm i handlebars-helper-moment --save-dev

Now add the helper to Assemble's options:

assemble: {
  options: {
    // Assemble will automatically resolve the path 
    helpers: ['handlebars-helper-moment', 'foo/*.js']


The moment.js lib has plenty of features and options, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of what moment.js can do.


Remember that:

  • \{{moment method=null}} means moment().method(), and
  • \{{moment somedate method="something"}} means moment(somedate).method("something").

Also, the handlebars syntax does not allow you pass certain values (like arrays and objects) directly from the tag, so you may need to use YAML frontmatter or supply JSON/YAML data to run those.

Usage Examples

Optional YAML Front Matter

YAML front matter is not required, but we'll use it hear to supply our example data for purposes of demonstration:

example: <%= new Date("Sun Jun 30 2011 01:53:23 GMT+0300 (EEST)") %>
exampletextdate: 'Sun, 30 Jun 2012 11:19:15 +0300'
inputformats: ["ddd, DD MMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ", "MMMM YYYY"]
  days: 5
  years: 5
  hours: 2
  minutes: 33}
Unix timestamp of now

Results in:


Current time with formatting

\{{moment format="HH:mm:ss"}}

Results in:


Specific time with formatting

\{{moment example format="HH:mm:ss"}}

Results in:


Specific unix timestamp with formatting

\{{moment unixtimestamp format="HH:mm:ss"}}

Results in:


Specific datetime with formatting

\{{moment example format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}

Results in:

Sunday, 30 June 2013 01:53:23 +0300

Language support

\{{moment example lang="fi" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}

Results in:

sunnuntai, 30 kesäkuu 2013 01:53:23 +0300

Is the added date valid?

\{{moment example isValid=null}}

Results in:


Input as a string, with defined format

\{{moment [exampletextdate,"ddd, DD MMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"] format="MMMM YYYY"}}

Results in:

June 2013

Multiple formats

When multiple formats are used, moment.js attempts to use the "correct" one

\{{moment [exampletextdate,formats] format="MMMM YYYY"}}

Results in:

June 2013

Specific datetime with formatting, converted to UTC

\{{moment example UTC=null format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}

Results in:

Saturday, 29 June 2013 22:53:23 +0000

Getters and setters

Example: get week of year, depends on lang (see moment.js documentation for more details)

The week number in Finland is \{{moment example lang="fi" week=null}}

Results in:

The week number in Finland is 26


See the moment.js/manipulating documentation for more details.

add days

\{{moment example format="dddd"}}-\{{moment example add=daysadd format="dddd"}}

Results in:


subtract years

\{{moment example subtract=timeago format="YYYY"}}-\{{moment example format="YYYY"}}

Results in:


startOf month

\{{moment example startOf="month" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}

Results in:

Saturday, 01 June 2013 00:00:00 +0300

endOf week

\{{moment example endOf="week" format="dddd, DD MMMM YYYY HH:mm:ss ZZ"}}

Results in:

Saturday, 06 July 2013 23:59:59 +0300

Time from now

After this page is rendered, the week will end \{{moment endOf="week" fromNow=null}}

Results in:

After this page is rendered, the week will end in 6 days

Time from X

This helper was coded \{{moment from=example}}

Results in:

This helper was coded in 15 hours

Calendar time

The coding started \{{moment example calendar=null}}

Results in:

The coding started Today at 1:53 AM


The difference between those two moments is \{{moment diff=example}}

Results in:

The difference between those two moments is 52893769

Days in Month

This month has \{{moment daysInMonth=null}} days

Results in:

This month has 30 days

Days in Month

This month has \{{moment daysInMonth=null}} days

Results in:

This month has 30 days

Duration, with humanization

The event will last \{{duration duration humanize=null}}

Results in:

The event will last 3 hours


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.


Mikko Tapionlinna


Copyright (c) 2014 Mikko Tapionlinna, contributors. Released under the MIT license

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