handlebars loader module for webpack


A handlebars template loader for webpack.

  module: {
    loaders: [
      { test: /\.handlebars$/, loader: "handlebars-loader" }
var template = require("./file.handlebars");
// => returns file.handlebars content as a template function 

The loader resolves partials and helpers automatically. They are looked up relative to the current directory (this can be modified with the rootRelative option) or as a module if you prefix with $.

A file "/folder/file.handlebars".
{{> partial}} will reference "/folder/partial.handlebars".
{{> ../partial}} will reference "/partial.handlebars".
{{> $module/partial}} will reference "/folder/node_modules/module/partial.handlebars".
{{helper}} will reference the helper "/folder/helper.js" if this file exists.
{{../helper}} {{$module/helper}} are resolved similarly to partials.

The following query options are supported:

  • helperDirs: Defines additional directories to be searched for helpers. Allows helpers to be defined in a directory and used globally without relative paths.
  • runtime: Specify the path to the handlebars runtime library. Defaults to look under the local handlebars npm module, i.e. handlebars/runtime.
  • extensions: Searches for templates with alternate extensions. Defaults are .handlebars, .hbs, and '' (no extension).
  • inlineRequires: Defines a regex that identifies strings within helper/partial parameters that should be replaced by inline require statements.
  • rootRelative: When automatically resolving partials and helpers, use an implied root path if none is present. Default = ./. Setting this to be empty effectively turns off automatically resolving relative handlebars resources for items like {{helper}}. {{./helper}} will still resolve as expected.

See webpack documentation for more information regarding loaders.

See example folder in this repo. The example is now fully runnable and demonstrates a number of concepts (using partials and helpers) -- just run webpack in that directory to produce dist/bundle.js in the same folder.

MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license)