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gerber plotter

npm Travis Coveralls David David

Work in progress.

A printed circuit board Gerber and drill file plotter. Implemented as a Node transform stream that plotter command objects (for example, those output by mcous/gerber-parser) and output PCB image objects.

how to

$ npm install gerber-plotter

var fs = require('fs')
var gerberParser = require('gerber-parser')
var gerberPlotter = require('gerber-plotter')
var parser = gerberParser()
var plotter = gerberPlotter()
plotter.on('warning', function(w) {
  console.warn('plotter warning at line ' + w.line + '' + w.message)
plotter.once('error', function(e) {
  console.error('plotter error: ' + e.message)
fs.createReadStream('/path/to/gerber/file.gbr', {encoding: 'utf8'})
  .on('data', function(obj) {

To run in this module in the browser, it should be bundled with a tool like browserify or webpack.



developing and contributing

Tests are written in Mocha and run in Node and a variety of browsers with Zuul and Open Sauce. All PRs should be accompanied by unit tests, with ideally one feature / bugfix per PR. Code linting happens with ESLint automatically post-test.

Code is deployed on tags via TravisCI and code coverage is tracked with Coveralls.

build scripts

  • $ npm run lint - lints code
  • $ npm run test - runs Node unit tests
  • $ npm run test:watch - runs unit tests and re-runs on changes
  • $ npm run test:browser - runs tests in a local browser
  • $ npm run test:sauce - runs tests in Sauce Labs on multiple browsers
    • Sauce Labs account required
    • Local .zuulrc required
  • $ npm run ci - Script for CI server to run
    • Runs npm test and sends coverage report to Coveralls
    • If not a PR, runs browser tests in Sauce
    • Not designed to (and won't) run locally