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Node.js connector for the FTX APIs and WebSockets, with TypeScript & browser support.


npm install --save ftx-api

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Most methods accept JS objects, except for methods with only one parameter. These can be populated using parameters specified by FTX's API documentation.


This project uses typescript. Resources are stored in 3 key structures:

  • src - the whole connector written in typescript
  • lib - the javascript version of the project (compiled from typescript). This should not be edited directly, as it will be overwritten with each release.
  • dist - the packed bundle of the project for use in browser environments.
  • examples - demonstrations on various workflows using this library


Create API credentials at FTX

REST API Clients

Import and instance the RestClient to access all REST API methods.

  • All methods return promises.
  • Supports subaccounts.


To use the REST APIs, import the `RestClient`. Click here to expand and see full sample:
const { RestClient } = require('ftx-api');

const restClientOptions = {
  // override the max size of the request window (in ms)
  recv_window?: number;

  // how often to sync time drift with FTX servers
  sync_interval_ms?: number | string;

  // Default: false. Disable above sync mechanism if true.
  disable_time_sync?: boolean;

  // Default: false. If true, we'll throw errors if any params are undefined
  strict_param_validation?: boolean;

  // Optionally override API protocol + domain
  // e.g 'https://ftx.us/api'
  baseUrl?: string;

  // Default: true. whether to try and post-process request exceptions.
  parse_exceptions?: boolean;

  // Subaccount nickname URI-encoded
  subAccountName?: string;

const API_KEY = 'xxx';
const PRIVATE_KEY = 'yyy';

const client = new RestClient(

  // restClientOptions,
  // requestLibraryOptions

  .then(result => {
    console.log("getMarkets result: ", result);
  .catch(err => {
    console.error("getMarkets error: ", err);

  .then(result => {
    console.log("setAccountLeverage result: ", result);
  .catch(err => {
    console.error("setAccountLeverage error: ", err);

See rest-client.ts for further information.


  • Automatically connect to FTX websockets
  • Automatically authenticate, if key & secret are provided.
  • Automatically checks connection integrity. If connection stale (no response to pings), automatically reconnects, re-authenticates and resubscribes to previous topics.
  • Supports subaccounts.
WebSocket channels can be subscribed to via the `WebsocketClient`. Click here to expand and see full sample:
const { WebsocketClient } = require('ftx-api');

const API_KEY = 'xxx';
const PRIVATE_KEY = 'yyy';

const wsConfig = {
  key: API_KEY,
  secret: PRIVATE_KEY,

    The following parameters are optional:

  // Subaccount nickname
  // subAccountName: 'sub1',

  // how long to wait (in ms) before deciding the connection should be terminated & reconnected
  // pongTimeout: 1000,

  // how often to check (in ms) that WS connection is still alive
  // pingInterval: 10000,

  // how long to wait before attempting to reconnect (in ms) after connection is closed
  // reconnectTimeout: 500,

  // config options sent to RestClient (used for time sync). See RestClient docs.
  // restOptions: { },

  // config for axios used for HTTP requests. E.g for proxy support
  // requestOptions: { }

  // override which URL to use for websocket connections
  // wsUrl: 'wss://example.ftx.com/ws'

const ws = new WebsocketClient(wsConfig);

// subscribe to multiple topics at once
ws.subscribe(['fills', 'orders']);

// and/or subscribe to individual topics on demand

// and/or subscribe to complex topics on demand, one at a time
  channel: 'trades',
  market: 'BTC-PERP'

// or as a list of complex topics
    channel: 'trades',
    market: 'BTC-PERP'
    channel: 'orderbookGrouped',
    market: 'BTC-PERP',
    grouping: 500

// Listen to events coming from websockets. This is the primary data source
ws.on('update', data => {
  console.log('update', data);

// Optional: Listen to websocket connection open event (automatic after subscribing to one or more topics)
ws.on('open', ({ event }) => {
  console.log('connection opened');

// Optional: Listen to responses to websocket queries (e.g. the response after subscribing to a topic)
ws.on('response', response => {
  console.log('response', response);

// Optional: Listen to connection close event. Unexpected connection closes are automatically reconnected.
ws.on('close', () => {
  console.log('connection closed');

// Optional: Listen to raw error events.
// Note: responses to invalid topics are currently only sent in the "response" event.
ws.on('error', err => {
  console.error('ERR', err);

See websocket-client.ts for further information.


More demonstrations can be found in the examples folder.

Customise Logging

Pass a custom logger which supports the log methods silly, debug, notice, info, warning and error, or override methods from the default logger as desired.

Click here to expand and see full sample:
const { WebsocketClient, DefaultLogger } = require('ftx-api');

// Disable all logging on the silly level
DefaultLogger.silly = () => {};

const ws = new WebsocketClient(
  { key: 'xxx', secret: 'yyy' },

Browser Usage

Build a bundle using webpack:

  • npm install
  • npm build
  • npm pack

The bundle can be found in dist/. Altough usage should be largely consistent, smaller differences will exist. Documentation is still TODO.


This client also supports the US FTX exchange. Simply set the "domain" to "ftxus" in both the RestClient and the WebsocketClient. See examples/ftxus.ts for a demonstration.

Contributions & Thanks



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Contributions & Pull Requests

Contributions are encouraged, I will review any incoming pull requests. See the issues tab for todo items.

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