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Important: For Feathers v3.0.0 and later, feathers-rest is has been replaced by framework specific adapters. Use @feathersjs/express and @feathersjs/express/rest provided in that module instead.

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The Feathers REST API provider


This provider exposes Feathers services through a RESTful API using Express that can be used with Feathers 1.x and 2.x as well as client support for Fetch, jQuery, Request, Superagent, axios and angular2+'s HTTP Service.

Note: For the full API documentation go to

Quick example

import feathers from 'feathers';
import bodyParser from 'body-parser';
import rest from 'feathers-rest';
const app = feathers()
  .use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true }))
  .use(function(req, res, next) { = 'Hello world';
app.use('/:app/todos', {
  get: function(id, params) {
    console.log(; // -> 'Hello world'
    console.log(; // will be `my` for GET /my/todos/dishes
    return Promise.resolve({
      description: `You have to do ${name}!`

Client use

import feathers from 'feathers/client';
import rest from 'feathers-rest/client';
import jQuery from 'jquery';
import request from 'request';
import superagent from 'superagent';
import axios from 'axios';
import {Http, Headers} from '@angular/http';
const app = feathers()
  // or
  // or
  // or
  // or
  // or (using injected Http instance)
    .configure(rest('http://baseUrl').angular(http, { Headers }))


Copyright (c) 2015

Licensed under the MIT license.