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Bash-like tilde expansion for node.js. Expands a leading tilde in a file path to the user home directory, or ~+ to the cwd.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save expand-tilde


See the Bash documentation for Tilde Expansion.

var expandTilde = require('expand-tilde');
//=> '/Users/jonschlinkert' 
//=> process.cwd() 

Run tests

Install dev dependencies:

npm i -d && npm test


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Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Building docs

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To generate the readme and API documentation with verb:

$ npm install -g verb verb-generate-readme && verb

Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install -d && npm test


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright © 2016, Jon Schlinkert. Released under the MIT license.

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