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An ESLint plugin to disable mutation and promote functional programming in JavaScript and TypeScript.


Any donations would be much appreciated. 😄

Getting Started

See our getting started guide.


The following rulesets are made available by this plugin:


  • Strict (plugin:functional/strict)
    Enforce recommended rules designed to strictly enforce functional programming.

  • Recommended (plugin:functional/recommended)
    Has the same goal as the strict preset but a little more lenient, allowing for functional-like coding styles and nicer integration with non-functional 3rd-party libraries.

  • Lite (plugin:functional/lite)
    Good if you're new to functional programming or are converting a large codebase.


  • Currying (plugin:functional/currying)
    JavaScript functions support syntax that is not compatible with curried functions. To enforce currying, this syntax should be prevented.

  • No Exceptions (plugin:functional/no-exceptions)
    Functional programming style does not use run-time exceptions. Instead expressions produces values to indicate errors.

  • No Mutations (plugin:functional/no-mutations)
    Prevent mutating any data as that's not functional

  • No Other Paradigms (plugin:functional/no-other-paradigms)
    JavaScript is multi-paradigm, allowing not only functional, but object-oriented as well as other programming styles. To promote a functional style, prevent the use of other paradigm styles.

  • No Statements (plugin:functional/no-statements)
    In functional programming everything is an expression that produces a value. JavaScript has a lot of syntax that is just statements that does not produce a value. That syntax has to be prevented to promote a functional style.

  • Stylistic (plugin:functional/stylistic)
    Enforce code styles that can be considered to be more functional.


  • All (plugin:functional/all)
    Enables all rules defined in this plugin.

  • Off (plugin:functional/off)
    Disable all rules defined in this plugin.

  • External Vanilla Recommended (plugin:functional/external-vanilla-recommended)
    Configures recommended vanilla ESLint rules.

  • External Typescript Recommended (plugin:functional/external-typescript-recommended)
    Configures recommended TypeScript ESLint rules. Enabling this ruleset will also enable the vanilla one.

The below section gives details on which rules are enabled by each ruleset.


💼 Configurations enabled in.
⚠️ Configurations set to warn in.
🚫 Configurations disabled in.
☑️ Set in the lite configuration.
Set in the recommended configuration.
🔒 Set in the strict configuration.
🎨 Set in the stylistic configuration.
🔧 Automatically fixable by the --fix CLI option.
💡 Manually fixable by editor suggestions.


Name Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
functional-parameters Enforce functional parameters. ☑️ 🔒 badge-currying

No Exceptions

Name Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
no-promise-reject Disallow try-catch[-finally] and try-finally patterns.
no-throw-statements Disallow throwing exceptions. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-exceptions
no-try-statements Disallow try-catch[-finally] and try-finally patterns. 🔒 badge-no-exceptions ☑️

No Mutations

Name                          Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
immutable-data Enforce treating data as immutable. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-mutations
no-let Disallow mutable variables. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-mutations
prefer-immutable-types Require function parameters to be typed as certain immutability ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-mutations 🔧
prefer-readonly-type Prefer readonly types over mutable types. 🔧
type-declaration-immutability Enforce the immutability of types based on patterns. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-mutations 🔧

No Other Paradigms

Name                Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
no-classes Disallow classes. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-other-paradigms
no-mixed-types Restrict types so that only members of the same kind are allowed in them. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-other-paradigms
no-this-expressions Disallow this access. 🔒 badge-no-other-paradigms ☑️

No Statements

Name Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
no-conditional-statements Disallow conditional statements. 🔒 badge-no-statements ☑️
no-expression-statements Disallow expression statements. 🔒 badge-no-statements ☑️
no-loop-statements Disallow imperative loops. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-statements
no-return-void Disallow functions that don't return anything. ☑️ 🔒 badge-no-statements


Name                       Description 💼 ⚠️ 🚫 🔧 💡
prefer-property-signatures Prefer property signatures over method signatures. 🎨
prefer-tacit Replaces x => f(x) with just f. 🎨 💡
readonly-type Require consistently using either readonly keywords or Readonly<T> 🎨 🔧

External Recommended Rules

In addition to the above rules, there are a few other rules we recommended.

These rules are what are included in the external recommended rulesets.

Vanilla Rules

  • no-var
    Without this rule, it is still possible to create var variables that are mutable.

  • no-param-reassign
    Don't allow function parameters to be reassigned, they should be treated as constants.

  • prefer-const
    This rule provides a helpful fixer when converting from an imperative code style to a functional one.

Typescript Rules


See our contributing guide.

Prior work

This project started off as a port of tslint-immutable which was originally inspired by eslint-plugin-immutable.


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