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    Gatsby Standard - ESLint Config

    Easily Lint your Gatsby site projects for StandardJS.

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    ESLint rule configuration for Gatsby Sites. This rule set is designed to closely match the Gatsby Starters while still following StandardJS. Simply install and extend to clean up your GatsbyJS code! The plugins and parser used are dependencies of this project. No need to specify them separately in your project.

    This config is designed to be used in conjunction with prettier for automatic code formatting. Conflicting rules have been disabled through eslint-config-prettier. See the "Use With Atom" section below for a suggestion on how to implement this config with prettier for automatic linting and formatting.

    babel-eslint is included to support new JavaScript features used in advanced Gatsby projects.


    Install the configs by running:

    npm install --save-dev eslint  eslint-config-gatsby-standard

    Then simply create a .eslintrc.json at your project root:

      "extends": "gatsby-standard"

    Be sure you also have an .eslintignore file in your project root so you won't receive unnecessary lint errors from Gatsby:


    Plugins Used:

    Use With Atom

    To use with prettier just add the .prettierrc.json config file to the root of the project:

      "semi": false,
      "singleQuote": true,
      "trailingComma": "es5"

    If you use Atom, you can install linter-eslint to view the results of Gatsby Standard immediately.

    apm install linter-eslint

    Disable "Fix errors on save" and install prettier-atom:

    apm install prettier-atom

    Choose "ESLint Integration" in the package settings. This will use a global install of prettier-eslint but it will still follow the Gatsby Standard linting rules.

    Be sure to check "Run Prettier Last" and optionally "Format Files on Save" and "Show in Status Bar." Most other code editors have similar packages to format on demand.


    MIT © 2021 Brandon Kalinowski


    npm i eslint-config-gatsby-standard

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