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Allows you to render templateData with HTML elements

Text Plugin for DocPad

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This plugin allows you to render variables within templateData using text elements


docpad install text


If you have this in your docpad.cson

        firstname: 'Benjamin'
        lastname: 'Lupton'
        fullname: '<t>firstname</t> <t>lastname</t>'
        markdownExample: '<t render="markdown">this is so **awesome**</t>'
        markdownEcoExample: '<t render="">here is a random number: **<%- Math.random() %>**</t>'

Doing the following inside a document:

My creator's firstname is: <t>firstname</t>
My creator's lastname is: <t>lastname</t>
My creator's fullname is: <t>fullname</t>
The markdown example is: <t>markdownExample</t>
The markdown eco example is: <t>markdownEcoExample</t>

Will output:

My creator's firstname is: Benjamin
My creator's lastname is: Lupton
My creator's fullname is: Benjamin Lupton
The markdown example is: this is so <strong>awesome</strong>
The markdown eco example is: here is a random number: <strong>0.5123213213123</strong>

Which is incredibly useful for abstracting out common generic pieces of text from your templates and placing them inside your configuration files. A common use case for this is easy configurability of skeletons, as well as easier translation of your website.

If you are embedding a text block into a text block, it is best that you name your text block like so <t:myName>blah</t:myName> that way our parser won't get confused as easily :)

To use it with coffeekup you'll do it like so tag 'text', {render:"md"}, "your **markdown** content". More info here..

Alternatively, you can use the t template helper like so @t('*markdown*', {render:"markdown"})


matchElementRegexString defaults to 't(?:ext)?'

What regex string should we use to find text elements. The default value will find <t> and <text> elements. If you use SVG, you may want to change this just to t to avoid conflicts with the text element.

preferredElement defualts to 't'

What element should be preferred when we are inject text elements with the t template helper? The default value will inject <t> elements.


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