Automatically refreshes your website whenever a rengeration is performed

Live Reload Plugin for DocPad

Automatically refreshes your DocPad built website whenever a regeneration is performed

  1. Install the Plugin

    docpad install livereload
  2. Ensure your layout outputs the scripts block

    1. In eco:

      <%- @getBlock('scripts').toHTML() %>
    2. In jade:

      != getBlock('scripts').toHTML()

This option specifies whether or not this plugin should be enabled or disabled, by default it is true for the development environment and false for all other environments.

This option specifies whether or not we should try to inject our socket library into the page. It is true by default.

This option when falsey (the default) means we will create our own socket instance, however if you already have your own socket instance you can set this option as a function that will return your own socket instance.

This option specifies the which channel we should listen to, it defaults to /docpad-livereload

This option allows you to customise the primus configuration that we use if we have to create our own instance.

These options allow you to customise the content of the scripts and styles that are injected into your page by this plugin. Check out the source code of this plugin to figure out their usage.

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