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del-values The MIT License

Multiple delete deeply nested values from an object using dot notation a.b.c

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npm i del-values --save
npm test


For more use-cases see the tests

var del = require('del-values')
del({a: 'b', c: {d: 'e', g: 'f'}}, 'a.d') //=> {a: 'b', c: {d: 'e', g: 'f'}}
del({a: 'b', c: {d: 'e', g: 'f'}, z: 'z'}, ['a', 'c.d']) //=> {c: {g: 'f' }, z: 'z'}
del({a: 'b', c: 'd'}, ['a', 'c']) //=> {}


  • assign-value: Extend a value or deeply nested property of an object using object path notation.
  • del-value: Delete deeply nested value from an object using dot notation like a.b.c.x and return the modified object if success, otherwise return original object.
  • get-value: Use property paths (a.b.c) to get a nested value from an object.
  • has-value: Returns true if a value exists, false if empty. Works with deeply nested values using object paths.
  • has-own-deep: Returns true if an object has an own, nested property using dot notation paths ('a.b.c').
  • object.omit: Return a copy of an object without the given key, or array of keys.
  • omit-value: Omit properties from an object or deeply nested property of an object using object path notation.
  • put-value: Update only existing values from an object, works with dot notation paths like a.b.c and support deep nesting.
  • set-value: Create nested values and any intermediaries using dot notation ('a.b.c') paths.
  • store-cache: Simple and flexible API for in-memory object cache store that have set, get, put, del, has and store methods. Inspired by option-cache, data-store, map-cache and more.
  • upsert-value: Update or set nested values and any intermediaries with dot notation ('a.b.c') paths.


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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