A simple, minimal PostgreSQL session store for Connect/Express

Connect PG Simple

A simple, minimal PostgreSQL session store for Express/Connect

npm install connect-pg-simple

Once npm installed the module, you need to create the session table in your database. For that you can use the [table.sql] ( file provided with the module:

psql mydatabase < node_modules/connect-pg-simple/table.sql

Or simply play the file via a GUI, like the pgAdminIII queries tool.

Examples are based on Express 4.


var session = require('express-session');
  store: new (require('connect-pg-simple')(session))(),
  secret: process.env.FOO_COOKIE_SECRET,
  cookie: { maxAge: 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 } // 30 days 


var pg = require('pg')
  , session = require('express-session')
  , pgSession = require('connect-pg-simple')(session);
  store: new pgSession({
    pg : pg,
    conString : process.env.FOO_DATABASE_URL,
    tableName : 'user_sessions'
  secret: process.env.FOO_COOKIE_SECRET,
  cookie: { maxAge: 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 } // 30 days 

Express 3 (and similar for Connect):

var express = require('express');
  store: new (require('connect-pg-simple')(express.session))(),
  secret: process.env.FOO_COOKIE_SECRET,
  cookie: { maxAge: 30 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 } // 30 days 
  • pg - Recommended. If you want the session store to use the same database module (compatible with pg / pg.js) as the rest of your app, then send it in here. Useful as eg. the connection pool then can be shared between the module and the rest of the application. Also useful if you want this module to use the native bindings of pg as this module itself only comes with pg.js.
  • ttl - the time to live for the session in the database – specified in seconds. Defaults to the cookie maxAge if the cookie has a maxAge defined and otherwise defaults to one day.
  • conString - if you don't have your PostgreSQL connection string in the DATABASE_URL environment variable (as you do by default on eg. Heroku) – then you need to specify the connection string or object here so that this module that create new connections. Needen even if you supply your own database module.
  • schemaName - if your session table is in another Postgres schema than the default (it normally isn't), then you can specify that here.
  • tableName - if your session table is named something else than session, then you can specify that here.
  • Hotfix: Update require('pg') to match package.json, thanks for reporting @dmitriiabramov
  • New: Now possibly to set another schema than the default
  • Change: Now using the pg dependency again rather than pg.js as the latter will be discontinued as pg now fills its role
  • Fix bug with creating new sessions that was caused by 2.1.0
  • Enable the table name to be configured through new tableName option
  • Backwards incompatible change: Support for Express 4 means that Express 3 apps (and similar for Connect apps) should send express.session to the module rather than just express.
  • Dependency change: The database module is now pg.js rather than pg – same library, but without compilation of any native bindings and thus less delay when eg. installing the application from scratch.
  • Support for PostgreSQL versions older than 9.2
  • Fix for sometimes not expiring sessions correctly
  • First NPM-version of the script originally published as a Gist here: