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    Color Names

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    A handpicked list of 30033 unique color names from various sources and thousands of curated user submissions.

    The names of color function like a thread attached to a frightfully slender needle, capable of stitching together our most delicate emotions and memories. When the needle hits the target, we feel either pleasure or empathy. Kenya Hara – White

    Explore / Find Names | Name distribution in different models | Usage | CDN | Public Rest API | Usage JS | Name Sources | Latest Color Names | Sponsors

    About 📋

    The aim of this project is to create a list of color names as large as possible, while keeping a good name quality. We've merged various lists, modified the names when there were duplicates with different hex values, and shifted the colors a bit when there were identical colors with different names.

    Explore 🌍

    Color Name Submission 💌

    via form 🌈 / or twitter 🐦

    Make sure to read the naming rules before you contribute!

    Color Count: 30033 🎉

    ~0.18% of the RGB color space

    Color distribution 🛰

    3d representation of color distribution in RGB Space (Preview image of link above)

    When coming up with new color names, it is vital to know what spots in a certain color-space are crowded and where there is still room for new colors. For example: Our API returns the closest RGB color to a given HEX value. To avoid too many colors snapping to the same name, we aim to distribute the colors evenly in the color space: Visualization

    Usage 📖

    Node.js Installation 📦

    Size Warning (1.14 MB): If you are doing this in the browser, consider using the public rest API

    npm install color-name-list --save

    or yarn add color-name-list

    CDN 🌍

    All Names 📚

    JSON / JSON.min / CSV / YML / JS / XML / HTML / SCSS

    Best of Names subset 🏆

    JSON / JSON.min / CSV / YML / JS / XML / HTML / SCSS / CSS

    API 🃏

    To make it easier to access the names, we offer a free and public Rest API that allows you to access all the color names and names from other publicly available name lists. You can find the full API code and documentation in this repository.

    API Exaple Call Usage,f00,f00&list=bestOf

    API Disclaimer

    The API is free to use and has no limitations. But if your app/site is commercial and causes excessive traffic, I might contact you to become a sponsor.

    Feel free to deploy it yourself, it is very easy to host/deploy on heroku and has no dependencies Color-Name-API

    Usage JS

    Size Warning (1.14 MB): If you are doing this in the browser, consider using the public rest API

    Exact Color

    import namedColors from 'color-name-list';
    let someColor = namedColors.find(color => color.hex === '#ffffff');
    console.log(; // => white
    let someNamedColor = namedColors.find(color => === 'Eigengrau')
    console.log(someColor.hex); // => #16161d

    Closest Named Color

    Since there are 16777216 possible RGB colors, you might use a library such as nearest-color or ClosestVector to help you find the the closest named color.

    import nearestColor from 'nearest-color';
    import colorNameList from 'color-name-list';
    // nearestColor need objects {name => hex} as input
    const colors = colorNameList.reduce((o, { name, hex }) => Object.assign(o, { [name]: hex }), {});
    const nearest = nearestColor.from(colors);
    // get closest named color
    nearest('#f1c1d1'); // => Fairy Tale

    Note: If you are looking for something visually more accurate, you could use DeltaE or use the above snippet, but using ciecam02 instead of RGB.

    Building 🔨

    npm install && npm run build

    See package.json for more.

    Sources 🗒

    Sources: Names 📇

    Contributors 🦑

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    Logo by Metafizzy 800


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    Color Name API Server 264.60/year domain name 36.16/year
    Cloudflare PRO Plan 240/year

    Color Namers

    Verena the naming overlord , Jess the name wizard , Syl , Stephanie Stutz , Simbiasamba , Jason Wilson , Inês João , Nick Niles , Qwhex , Ichatdelune , basgys , Shelina S. , Trevor Elia , cheesits456 , Sandhya Subram , BerylBucket , Jimmy Fitzback , TLZ , DarthTorus , Carrion , BlueChaos , nachtfunke

    Disclaimer 👮🏾‍

    In an effort to create a more inclusive and respectful environment, we strive to remove all offensive and racist names, as well as protected brand names, from our list. While we do our best to screen out such names, some may still slip through. If you come across any such names, please let us know so that we can remove them promptly.

    Latest Color Names 🔖

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