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A golang like channel implementation for JavaScript that works well with co.

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  • CSP Style channels in JavaScript
  • Buffered or Unbuffered channels
  • Channels can be closed
  • API designed to work well with generators and co
  • Can be used without generators
  • Channels can be selected similar to Go's select statement


$ npm install chan --save

The Basics

Chan is inspired by golang's channels. It is implemented as a function that represents an asynchronous first in first out queue.

var makeChan = require('chan')
// make a new unbuffered channel 
var ch = makeChan()
typeof ch // -> 'function' 

Sending values to the channel

Values are added to the channel by calling the function with either (value) or (error, value). The return value is a thunk (a function that take a node-style callback as its only argument). The callback given to the thunk is called once the value is added.

ch('foo')(function (err) {
  if (err) {
    // There was an error putting the value on the channel 
  } else {
    // The value was successfully put on the channel 

Receiving values from the channel

Values are removed from the channel by calling it with a node-style callback as this first argument. When a value is available on the channel the callback is called with the value or error. In this case the channel itself can also be a thunk.

ch(function (err, val) {
  // called when there is a value or error on the channel 


Because thunks are yield-able in a co generator, chan works very well when combined with co. Using them together makes chan feel very similar to go channels.

var co = require('co')
co(function *() {
  var val = yield ch
co(function *() {
  yield ch('foo')


Docs coming soon...


Docs coming soon...


Docs coming soon...