16 Packages by brentburgoyne

  • chan A go style channel implementation that works nicely with co
  • flaux 100% immitation flux architecture
  • grunt-wp-enqueue
  • grunt-wptheme Builds the style.css file for a WordPress theme
  • keyflector Returns an enum with values equal to its keys
  • mohawk WIP: DynamoDB ODM with mixins and custom types
  • mulligan Retry promises before rejecting
  • obj-eql Compare two objects for equality, with support for custom comparison functions.
  • only-nested Return an object with only whitelisted properties.
  • path-to-url Turn an Express-style path string such as /user/:name into a URL
  • react-select-box An accessible select box component for React.
  • react-toggle An elegant, accessible toggle component for React. Also a glorified checkbox.
  • react-tokeninput Tokeninput component for React
  • state-jacket An intuitive state transition system for JavaScript
  • timer-machine A lightweight, pause-able timer class
  • uniflow A flux-inspired unidirectional data flow library.