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Fast cloning micro templates


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Fast cloning micro templates


can-view-target function


Create a document fragment that can be cloned but have callbacks be called quickly on elements within the cloned fragment.

var viewTarget = require("can-view-target");
var target = viewTarget([
        tag: "h1",
        callbacks: [function(data){
            this.className = data.className
        children: [
            "Hello ",
                this.nodeValue = data.message
// target.clone -> <h1>|Hello||</h1> 
// target.paths -> path: [0], callbacks: [], children: {paths: [1], callbacks:[function(){}]} 
var frag = target.hydrate({className: "title", message: "World"});
frag //-> <h1 class='title'>Hello World</h1> 
  1. nodes {Array}:


Making a Build

To make a build of the distributables into dist/ in the cloned repository run

npm install
node build

Running the tests

Tests can run in the browser by opening a webserver and visiting the test.html page. Automated tests that run the tests from the command line in Firefox can be run with

npm test