18 Packages by andrejewski

  • bottle-sample A simple random-messaging app
  • constance constants with prefix and postfix options
  • customer opinionated JavaScript client
  • emf Flux classes and integrations
  • glaze The database-agnostic caching layer for Mongoose
  • hoo command-line contact information scrapper
  • matt JavaScript DSL for Matrices
  • reactbone React extensions for Backbone
  • reem rambunctious static site generator
  • reem-coffee Compile CoffeeScript files to JavaScript files with Reem
  • reem-draft drafting plugin for reem
  • reem-flow Middleware flow controls for Reem
  • reem-markdown Markdown for Reem
  • seth JavaScript DSL for functional Set Theory
  • slinky web crawler just for links
  • smithsonian web interface for Metalsmith
  • stachedown you got mustache in my markdown
  • xsync a/synchronous function checking