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    <burgton-button> is a simple, customisable and accessible lit-element menu burger button that you can use in your projects.

    Amongst other features, it allows you to choose from different animations, customise colors, animation speed and event toggle classes on multiple targets on the page.


    You can find examples of the different button possibilities on the documentation page


    On the documentation page you can find an easy to follow "Getting Started" guide, as well as a API description so you can fully customize your <burgton-button> element.


    You can use the element on your project in 3 simple steps:

    1. Install the <burgton-button> on your project via NPM (or download it here)

      npm install burgton-button
    2. Import the <burgton-button> module on your project

      <script type="module" src="node_modules/burgton-button/index.js"></script>
    3. Add the element to your page and customize it to your taste

      <burgton-button type="astronaut"></burgton-button>



    You can use some attributes to customize your <burgton-button> button

    Attribute Description Valid Values Default Example
    type Defines the button animation 'default', 'arrow-left', 'arrow-right', 'arrow-to-arrow', 'astronaut', 'async', 'crossed', 'ellipsis', 'fall-down', 'minus', 'rotator', 'spin', 'underlined', 'vertical-rotator', 'zoom' 'default' <burgton-button type="astronaut"></burgton-button>
    label Defines the text that will be show with the button String - <burgton-button label="Menu"></burgton-button>
    labelPosition Defines the position of the label text in relation to the button 'top', 'bottom', 'right', 'left' - <burgton-button label="Menu" labelPosition="top"></burgton-button>
    targetSelectors Defines on which elements you want to toggle a class when the button is clicked. You can select multiple elements by separating the selectors with a comma CSS Selector - <burgton-button targetSelectors="#circle-one, .circle-two" targetClasses="active, colorful"></burgton-button>
    targetClasses Defines the class that will be toggled on the selected element. The number of classes must match the number of selectors CSS selector - <burgton-button targetSelectors="#circle-three" targetClasses="active"></burgton-button>
    description Defines the default text for the 'aria-label' attribute. This value is overwritten with the label text (if present) String 'Menu button' <burgton-button description="Menu on/off button"></burgton-button>
    noAnimation Disables the button animation, making the transition between inactive and active states immediate - - <burgton-button noAnimation></burgton-button>


    <burgton-button> exposes several CSS custom properties that you can use to further customize it.

    Property Description Valid Values Default Example
    --burgton-button-line-color Set the color of the button lines CSS color value #66cc99 --burgton-button-line-color: tomato;
    --burgton-button-line-color-active Set the color of the button lines when it is active. If not defined will inherit color from inactive state. CSS color value --burgton-button-line-color --burgton-button-line-color-active: purple;
    --burgton-button-animation-duration Set the animation duration CSS time value 500ms --burgton-button-animation-duration: .75s;
    --burgton-button-easing Set the animation easing CSS easing value ease-in-out --burgton-button-easing: ease-out;
    --burgton-button-scale Set the button scale (size) Number (multiplier) 1 --burgton-button-scale: 1.3;
    --burgton-button-border-radius Set the button lines border-radius CSS border-radius value 0px --burgton-button-border-radius: 2px;
    --burgton-button-label-font-size Set the font-size for the button label CSS font-size value 14px --burgton-button-label-font-size: 1rem;
    --burgton-button-label-font-color Set the font color for the button label CSS color value #999999 --burgton-button-label-font-color: white;
    --burgton-button-label-font-color-active Set the font color for the label text when the button is active CSS color value #999999 --burgton-button-label-font-color-active: purple;
    --burgton-button-label-font-weight Set the font weight for the label text when the button is active CSS font-weight value inherit --burgton-button-label-font-weight: 600;
    --burgton-button-label-text-transform Set the text-transform for the label text when the button is active CSS text-transform value uppercase --burgton-button-label-text-transform: capitalize;


    <burgton-button> exposes several methods which you can call from your application.

    Method Description Example
    .toggleState() Toggle between the button's active and inactive state yourButton.toggleState();
    .activate() Activate the button yourButton.activate();
    .deactivate() Deactivate the button yourButton.deactivate();


    ` fires several custom events so you can react to them on your application.

    Event Description
    burgton-button-state-change Fires whenever the button's state changes
    burgton-button-click Fires whenever the button is clicked
    burgton-button-activate Fires whenever the button state becomes active
    burgton-button-deactivate Fires whenever the button state becomes inactive


    Accessibility is very important, so we try to implement some good practices to reach as many users as possible and provide them a good experience. We do this mainly by adding several relevant aria attributes and also by giving you the possibility to change them via attributes.


    If you have any ideas, suggestions or question you can open an issue on this github repo.

    You can also find the burgton-button package on NPM.


    npm i burgton-button

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