CSS minifier for Broccoli, using clean-css


clean-css plugin for Broccoli

a {
  color: #FF0000;
a {
  border-radius: 4px 4px 4px 4px;


Use npm..

npm i --save-dev broccoli-clean-css
var cleanCSS = require('broccoli-clean-css');

tree: String or Object (broccoli tree)
options: Object (directly passed to clean-css options)
Return: Function

Note that relativeTo option is relative to the source tree by default.

var cleanCSS = require('broccoli-clean-css');
var app = 'styles';
app = cleanCSS(app);
module.exports = app;

Type: Boolean
Default: false

If you set this option to true, build will be rejected when the CSS is corrupt.

Copyright (c) Shinnosuke Watanabe

Licensed under the MIT License.