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    Adds 'smart plugin' support to your base application.


    Install with npm:

    $ npm install --save base-plugins

    What does this do?

    This plugin augments the generic plugin functionality that ships with base.

    • Without this plugin, any plugins that registered with the use method and are only called once upon init.
    • With this plugin, other plugins that return a function will be pushed onto a plugins array, and can be called again later with the run method.


    var plugins = require('base-plugins');
    var Base = require('base');
    var base = new Base();
    // register the `plugins` plugin


    .use example

    Once the use method is called:

    1. a fns array is added to the instance for storing plugin functions
    2. a run method is added to the instance for running stored plugins
    3. the use method is modified so that anytime a function is returned by a plugin, the function will be pushed onto the fns array. Aside from that, you shouldn't see any difference in how the use method works.

    .run example

    The run method iterates over the fns array and calls each stored plugin function on the given object.

    var collection = {};
    base.use(function(app) {
      app.x = 'y';
      return function(obj) {
        obj.a = 'b';
    //=> 'y'
    //=> 'b'



    Define a plugin function to be called immediately upon init. The only parameter exposed to the plugin is the application instance.

    Also, if a plugin returns a function, the function will be pushed onto the fns array, allowing the plugin to be called at a later point, elsewhere in the application.


    • fn {Function}: plugin function to call
    • returns {Object}: Returns the item instance for chaining.


    // define a plugin
    function foo(app) {
      // do stuff
    // register plugins
    var app = new Base()


    Run all plugins


    • value {Object}: Object to be modified by plugins.
    • returns {Object}: Returns the item instance for chaining.


    var config = {};;


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    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

    Building docs

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    To generate the readme, run the following command:

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    Running tests

    Running and reviewing unit tests is a great way to get familiarized with a library and its API. You can install dependencies and run tests with the following command:

    $ npm install && npm test


    Jon Schlinkert


    Copyright © 2017, Jon Schlinkert. Released under the MIT License.

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