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Basic audio data container. Provides lightweight Web Audio API AudioBuffer implementation. Useful instead of Buffer in audio streams, @audiojs components and other audio applications. Can be used as a ponyfill.


npm install audio-buffer

new AudioBuffer(context?, options)

Create audio buffer for audio context based on options.

Default context is audio-context singleton. null context can be used to indicate context-free buffer instance, eg. in nodejs.

Available options:

  • length — number of samples, minimum is 1.
  • sampleRate — default sample rate is 44100.
  • numberOfChannels — default number of channels is 1.


Duration of the underlying audio data, in seconds.


Number of samples per channel.


Default sample rate is 44100.


Default number of channels is 1.


Get array containing the data for the channel (not copied).

buffer.copyFromChannel(destination, channelNumber, startInChannel=0)

Place data from channel to destination Float32Array.

buffer.copyToChannel(source, channelNumber, startInChannel=0)

Place data from source Float32Array to the channel.

See also


  • ndsamples — audio-wrapper for ndarrays. A somewhat alternative approach to wrap audio data, based on ndarrays, used by some modules in livejs.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 — other AudioBuffer implementations.
  • audiodata alternative data holder from @mohayonao.