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    Load information about employers from Czech ares service.

    Documentation of Ares: documentation


    $ npm install ares-data

    or download standalone version:


    Every find* method returns promise, which you can than use for access loaded data.

    Finding data by identification (IČO)

    var Ares = require('ares-data');
    var ares = new Ares;
    ares.findByIdentification(12345678, (data, err) {
        // do something with loaded data

    data variable contains length parameter with information about how many items were loaded and data parameter which is array with these data.

    Finding data by company name

    ares.findByCompanyName('some company name', function(data, err) {

    In browser

    Ares unfortunately does not support any possibility to load data directly from browser (cross domain request), so you have to create some kind of bridge on your server. This will load ares XML API page ( with given get parameters and send it back to the browser (without any transformations).

    Some examples of these bridges are here.

    Second step is to set new url for loading data.

    var Ares = require('ares-data');
    var ares = new Ares('http://localhost/ares.php/');

    or globally:

    var Ares = require('ares-data');
    Ares.URL = 'http://localhost/ares.php/';

    Original data

    This package automatically changing loaded data. If you want to get original data (transformed and simplify to json), you have to access lastOriginalData variable.

    ares.findByCompanyName('some company name', function(data, err) {
        var original = ares.lastOriginalData;


    $ npm test


    • 2.0.0

      • Using gulp with browserify for builds
      • Optimized repository
      • Created standalone versions
      • Removed dependency on q (BR break)
      • Removed dependency on moment
      • Using xml-parser instead of xml2js
      • Moved under Carrooi organization
      • Added to bower
    • 1.2.2 (there should be 1.2.0, but I made a mistake)

      • Added some badges.
      • Updated dependencies
      • Better tests
      • Tests uses mocks instead of direct access to servers
    • 1.1.3

      • Some companies haven't got an orientation number
      • Optimized dependencies
    • 1.1.2

      • Added some documentation
    • 1.1.1

      • Old version of browser-http
    • 1.1.0

      • Ability to change source url
      • Added support for browsers
    • 1.0.3

    • 1.0.2

      • Removed preparations for support in browser (Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin)
    • 1.0.1

      • Moved to xml2js module
    • 1.0.0

      • Initial version


    npm i ares-data

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