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    Approximate Number Build Status

    Converts numbers into a more human-friendly format, similar to ls's --human-readable flag (ls -lh) or Stack Overflow's reputation numbers. For example, 123456 becomes '123k'.

    Works in Node.js and in browsers.

    var approx = require('approximate-number');
    //> 1.2k
    //> 12k
    console.log(approx(1234, {decimal: false}));
    //> 1k
    console.log(approx(1234, {decimal: ','}));
    //> 1,2k
    console.log('My Stack Overflow reputation is %s.', approx(3671, {
      min10k: true
    //> My Stack Overflow reputation is 3,671.
    console.log('The US national debt is %s.', approx(19939034457936, {
      prefix: '$', 
      capital: true, 
      round: true
    // > The US national debt is $20T.

    Getting Started


    Install node module with: npm install --save approximate-number

    var approx = require('approximate-number');
    approx(123456) // 123k


    Install with: bower install approximate-number

    <script src="/bower_components/approximate-number/lib/approximate-number.js"></script>
    alert(approximateNumber(1234567890)); // 1.2b

    Browser usage without a package manager

    Grab the latest approximate-number.js and copy it onto your site.


    • separator {String|Boolean} Default = ','. Thousands separator - set to a string (e.g. '.') to use that string or false to not use any separator.
    • decimal {String|Boolean} Default = '.'. Decimal - set to a string (e.g. ',') to use that or set to false to avoid outputting values with a decimal.
    • round {Boolean} Default = false. Round numbers off rather than flooring/truncating. When true, 105000 would become '11m', when false it becomes '10m'.
    • min10k {Boolean} Default = false. Do not abbreviate numbers below 10000. E.g. 9999 would become '9,999' rather than '9k'. (Stack Overflow-style).
    • prefix {String} Default = ''. Optional string to prepend to the value, e.g. '$'.
    • suffix {String} Default = ''. Optional string to append to the value, e.g. '%'.
    • capital {Boolean} Default = false. Set to true to use capital letters, e.g. 3.9M instead of 3.9m
    • precision {Number} Default = undefined. Number of significant digits. Must be greater than 0. Use of this option forces rounding.

    V2.1 Changes

    • Added precision

    V2 Changes

    • Added optional configuration object
    • Changed default from rounding to truncation. Override with options.round=true.
    • Started abbreviating numbers between 1000 and 9999 by default. Override with options.min10k=true.
    • Added trillions support.
    • Dropped cli support.


    Copyright (c) 2014 Nathan Friedly
    Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i approximate-number

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