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Frustum Lock aframe component

Adding frustum-lock to your entities will automatically scale them to fill the entire camera view.

Entities with this component should be children of a camera entity, which will also lock them to the background of the camera.

Create Augmented Reality (AR) scenes by pairing with the aframe-video-billboard entitiy & component.


attribute type default description
widthProperty string width The given property will be set to the frustum width.
heightProperty string height The given property will be set to the frustum height.
depth number 10 Distance along the z-index to calculate frustum dimensions, and to positoin entity.
throttleTimeout number 100 Frustum calculations are performed on resize and enter/exit vr. This throttles the calculations to every throttleTimeout milliseconds.



Install and use by directly including the browser files:

  <title>My A-Frame Scene</title>
  <script src=""></script> 
  <script src=""></script> 
      <a-plane frustum-lock material="color: #C03546"></a-plane>


Install via npm:

npm install aframe-frustum-lock-component

Then register and use.

var aframe = require('aframe');
var aframeFrustumLockComponent = require('aframe-frustum-lock-component');