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    An A-Frame WebVR component that supports the controller functionality available everywhere - buttons. Especially useful for apps designed to be usable with Google Cardboard V2, Gear VR without a separate Controller, mobile and desktop.

    Fires a buttondown event when any button on any controller is pressed, including the virtual controller in Chrome in VR mode. Also fires when a pointerdown/touchstart/mousedown event is fired on the scene element and not handled by another element, so it's uniform across browsers for Cardboard, and usable in flat mode, on mobile and on desktop. (If the browser supports WebXR, only the trigger button, and possibly the squeeze button, is detected, unless the poll parameter is set.)

    Likewise fires a buttonup event.

    Button events, in the detail property, have a controllerId property for the controller and an index property to distinguish which button on the controller was pressed. You should only use indexes greater than 0 for optional commands or cosmetic variations, as Cardboard, mobile, and desktop have only one button.

    live example scene

    Not appropriate as the base for object selection within a scene - for that you probably want laser-controls.

    Cannot detect the button on Cardboard V1, as the magnetic sensor is not exposed to browsers.

    Basic use:

        <script src="^1.1.0/aframe-button-controls.js"></script> 
            AFRAME.registerComponent('mystuff', {
                init: function () {
                    let controlsEl = document.querySelector('[button-controls]');
                    controlsEl.addEventListener('buttondown', function (evt) {
                        // ...
                    controlsEl.addEventListener('buttonup', function (evt) {
                        // ...
        <a-scene mystuff></a-scene>
            <a-entity button-controls></a-entity>

    If using aframe-state-component, you can create buttondown and buttonup handlers, instead of calling addEventListener yourself.



    • default: false

    If the browser supports WebXR, only the trigger button (and possibly the squeeze button) will be detected. Setting this to true will detect all buttons, at the cost of less-accurate resolution in time.

    Don't change this after initializing the component.

    If the browser supports WebVR, this has no effect - all buttons are always detected.


    • default: true

    Set to false to prevent button events from being detected.


    npm i aframe-button-controls

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