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Mesh Transformer for Dual Universe (du-gltf)

🎨 Enhances glTF files exported by Dual Universe's Mesh Exporter so they have proper colors and textures applied to them

Installation and Usage

Install the command-line utility by running npm i -g @wolfe-labs/du-gltf.

After installing, run du-gltf to check if the installation was successful. You need to provide your exported glTF file as the first parameter, like this:

du-gltf "path/to/my.gltf"

This assumes you have the game installed at its default ProgramData location, if you don't, you also need to provide a path as the second parameter:

du-gltf "path/to/my.gltf" "C:/path/to/DualUniverse"

You can also enable detailed debugging information of the process by setting the DEBUG environment variable, like this Powershell example:

$env:DEBUG; du-gltf "path/to/my.gltf" "C:/path/to/DualUniverse"

Installing as a Node library

You can also create your own wrapper around the package and customize all kind of settings yourself.

To do so, install it into your Node project with npm i --save @wolfe-labs/du-gltf and follow the example below to get started:

// You can also use the module syntax:
// import DuMeshTransformer from '@wolfe-labs/du-gltf';
const DuMeshTransformer = require('@wolfe-labs/du-gltf').default;

// This function is a wrapper so we can use async/await
async function convert(file) {
  // Loads our mesh
  const meshTransformer = await DuMeshTransformer.fromFile('mesh.gltf');

  // Sets the game directory (optional)

  // Shows debug information
  meshTransformer.events().on(EventType.WARNING, message => console.warn('WARNING:', message));
  meshTransformer.events().on(EventType.TRANSFORM_START, () => console.log('Model processing started!'));
  meshTransformer.events().on(EventType.TRANSFORM_FINISH, () => console.log('Model processing finished!'));
  meshTransformer.events().on(EventType.TRANSFORM_NEXT, () => console.log(''));
  meshTransformer.events().on(EventType.DEBUG, message => console.log(message));

  // Queues a list of transforms we'll want to do and triggers processing (upon saving)
  await meshTransformer

// Runs the actual conversion
  .then(() => console.log('File processed!'));

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