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Preparing for end of Axway

👇   support for Amplify Cloud and Mobile   👇

RIP Axway Amplify Titanium (2010 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Titanium (2010 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Cloud Services (2012 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Crash Analytics (2015 - 2022)

🛑    Axway support for Amplify products has ended for most products related to mobile and cloud.

A few of the open-source versions of Axway Amplify products will live on after Axway Amplify End-of-Life (EOL) announcements. However, all closed-source projects and most open-source projects are now dead.


👉    A group of Axway employees, ex-Axway employees, and some developers from Titanium community have created a legal org and now officially decide all matters related to future of these products.




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@titanium/scandit Dependabot Status

Scandit SDK Barcode Scanner Module for Titanium Native Mobile Apps

📝 Description

This is a repackaging of the compiled iOS and Android modules for the Scandit SDK for Titanium to allow for installation via npm.

🚀 Getting Started

  1. Install @titanium/scandit in root of project
npm install @titanium/scandit

Obtain SDK API Key

You need to log into your Scandit Account (or create a new account) to obtain your Scandit API Key to use with this module.


Using barcode scanner

const scanditsdk = require('@titanium/scandit');
scanditsdk.appKey = 'YOUR_SCANDIT_API_KEY';

// Only after setting the app key, instantiate the Scandit SDK Barcode Picker view
scanner = scanditsdk.createView({
	top:    0,
	width:  Ti.UI.FILL,
	height: Ti.UI.FILL,

// Before calling any other functions on the picker you have to call init()

 * Set various features


// add a tool bar at the bottom of the scan view with a cancel button (iphone/ipad only)
scanner.setViewfinderSize(0.7, 0.7, 0.6, 0.4);

// Shows/hides viewfinder rectangle and highlighted barcode location in the scan screen UI. [default is true]
// scanner.setViewfinderColor( red, green, blue ); // enterprise-only fea
// setViewfinderDecodedColor( red, green, blue);

// Reduces the area in which barcodes are detected and decoded.
// Must be used in combination with setScanningHotSpot
// If this method is not enabled, barcodes in the full camera preview are detected and decoded.

	// Changes the location of the spot where the barcode decoder actively scans for barcodes.
// X and Y can be between 0 and 1, where 0/0 corresponds to the top left corner and 1/1 to the bottom right corner.
// The default hotspot is set to 0.5/0.5
scanner.setScanningHotSpot(0.5, 0.5);

// Forces the barcode scanner to always run the 2D decoders (QR,Datamatrix, etc.),
// even when the 2D detector did not detect the presence of a 2D code.
// This slows down the overall scanning speed, but can be useful when your application only tries to read QR codes
scanner.setDataMatrixEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setMaxiCodeEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setItfEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setCode25Enabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setGS1DataBarLimitedEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setGS1DataBarExpandedEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setGS1DataBarEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setPdf417Enabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setRM4SCCEnabled(true); // enterprise-only feature
scanner.setKIXEnabled(true); // enterprise-only
scanner.setMicroPdf417Enabled(true); // enterprise-only
scanner.setCode128Enabled(true); // enterprise-only
scanner.setCode11Enabled(true); // enterprise-only
scanner.setCode93Enabled(true); // enterprise-only
scanner.setCode39Enabled(true); // enterprise-only

// Set callback functions for when scanning succeeds and for when the
// scanning is canceled. This callback is called on the scan engine's
// thread to allow you to synchronously call stopScanning or
// pauseScanning. Any UI specific calls from within this function
// have to be issued through setTimeout to switch to the UI thread
// first.
scanner.setSuccessCallback(e => {
	console.error('scanner.openScanner.setSuccessCallback: entering');

	const upcNumber = e.barcode;
	const upcType = e.symbology;



iOS: com.mirasense.scanditsdk 5.13.1 Android: com.mirasense.scanditsdk 5.13.1

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