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This is a set of react wizard components some of which are based on SEB's bootstrap. The plan for this project is to increase and improve components for future usage.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

Minimum requirements

This version of components has been developed with:

  • React
  • Typescript
  • SEB Bootstrap


You should be able to install the NPM package.

npm install @sebgroup/react-wizard --save

This project is based on SEB Bootstrap and SEB React Components, to make sure everything works fine, please install these dependencies on your project:

npm install @sebgroup/bootstrap --save

npm install @sebgroup/react-components --save

Then make sure you add the Main SEB bootstrap package in your main style.SCSS or index.ts as follows @import '~@sebgroup/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';.


This project uses prettier for a more consistent (less annoying) coding. The src folder is where the actual components exist with all their necessary dependencies.

  1. Installation npm ci or npm i --force
  2. Development: npm start
  3. Check formatting rules, Compile components: npm run build:lib
  4. Build and create the Documentation pages only: npm run build:docs
  5. To run the unit tests, run: npm test
  6. To run a unit test for a specific component you have to pass the name of the component, example: npm test Wizard. It can also be chained with multiple specific components, e.g. npm test Wizard WizardHeader
  7. To commit your changes run: npm run commit and follow the steps

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