11 Packages by johanobrink

  • angular-generator An angular generator that's easy to use as a gulp task
  • console.alert An alert function for console.
  • generator-mrwhite Yeoman Generator for Large Angular projects.
  • gulp-raml A gulp plugin for running raml-parse
  • intercept-proxy A light weight proxy for exposing a remote site through localhost and replace select resources with local versions for testing and development purposes.
  • mongoose-mock A replacement for mongoose in tests returning models with sinon stubs for methods
  • multiwii A library for sending and parsing messages to/from a MultiWii device using Node.js
  • node-libspotify node-libspotify ===============
  • sessitoken Handles session or token based storing with sliding expiration
  • sharedobject A simple implementation of shared objects via
  • sinon-promise Sinon with promises