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PayPal SDK Logos

Logos for PayPal SDKs.

Render using JSX with HTML

/** @jsx node */
import { PayPalLogo, LOGO_COLOR } from 'paypal-sdk-logos';
import { node, html } from 'jsx-pragmatic';
function render() {
    return (
        <PayPalLogo logoColor={ LOGO_COLOR.WHITE } />

Render using JSX with React

/** @jsx node */
import React from 'react';
import { PayPalLogo, LOGO_COLOR } from 'paypal-sdk-logos';
import { node, react } from 'jsx-pragmatic';
function render() {
    return (
        <PayPalLogo logoColor={ LOGO_COLOR.WHITE } />
    ).render(react({ React }));

Render using vanilla JavaScript and HTML

import { PayPalLogo, LOGO_COLOR } from 'paypal-sdk-logos';
import { html } from 'jsx-pragmatic';
function render() {
    return PayPalLogo({ logoColor: LOGO_COLOR.WHITE });

Quick Start

Getting Started

  • Fork the module
  • Run setup: npm run setup
  • Start editing code in ./src and writing tests in ./tests
  • npm run build


npm run build


  • Edit tests in ./test/tests

  • Run the tests:

    npm run test

Testing with different/multiple browsers

npm run karma -- --browser=PhantomJS
npm run karma -- --browser=Chrome
npm run karma -- --browser=Safari
npm run karma -- --browser=Firefox
npm run karma -- --browser=PhantomJS,Chrome,Safari,Firefox

Keeping the browser open after tests

npm run karma -- --browser=Chrome --keep-open


Before you publish for the first time:
  • Delete the example code in ./src, ./test/tests and ./demo
  • Edit the module name in package.json
  • Edit and
  • Publish your code: npm run release to add a patch
    • Or npm run release:path, npm run release:minor, npm run release:major


  • Who is this for?

    • Anyone who wants to get started quickly on a javascript library without setting up a lot of boilerplate
    • Anyone who wants a fairly healthy opinionated set of defaults to get started with
    • Anyone new to writing front-end modules, who doesn't want to immediately research which modules to use to build their code
  • Who this is not for?

    • Anyone who needs/wants tight control over their project, and which specific build tools they want to use
  • Why use technology X/Y/Z?

    Probably because it's been a good fit for us in the past. We wanted our focus to be around (fairly) standardized javascript as much as possible, rather than compiled-to-javascript languages, hence the use of babel, flow, etc.

  • So you just took a bunch of build-tools and daisy-chained them together?

    Yep, pretty much. This is not anything remotely technically impressive, or new, or innovative. It's just a healthy set of defaults to get started with if you're building a front-end distributable library.

  • Can I improve this template?

    By all means, please feel to raise a PR, but if it's a big change, try to open an issue first so we can chat!

  • What about support for React, Ember, framework X or Y?

    Wanted to keep this module as framework-agnostic as possible. Not to mention there are already pretty good boilerplates out there for whatever framework you're using, I'll bet. Otherwise please feel free to be my guest and fork grumbler-superawesomeframework if it's helpful.



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