Nefarious Planetary Meddling


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    • Man-in-the-middle proxy for HTTPS with SSL verification and connection pooling/keep-alive.

      published 0.3.13 8 years ago
    • A library for server-side integrating with Braintree.

      published 3.12.0 4 months ago
    • SDK for PayPal REST APIs

      published 1.8.1 5 years ago
    • A suite of tools for integrating Braintree in the browser

      published 3.88.5 2 days ago
    • Framebus allows you to easily send messages across frames (and iframes) with a simple bus.

      published 5.2.0 a month ago
    • A library for determining credit card type

      published 9.1.0 2 years ago
    • A library for validating credit card fields

      published 8.1.1 2 years ago
    • Hijack and submit forms

      published 2.0.0 7 years ago
    • This plugin allows to add to add PayPal Payments to your application using PayPal Mobile SDK Native library

      published 3.5.0 6 years ago
    • Braintree's ESLint configuration

      published 5.0.1 a year ago
    • This plugin allows to add scanning capabilities to your application using SDK Native library

      published 2.1.0 6 years ago
    • Create a style element with CSS properties, filtering input using a allowlist or blocklist

      published 5.0.0 a year ago
    • Restrict inputs to certain valid characters (e.g. formatting phone or card numbers)

      published 3.0.5 9 months ago
    • A library for validating US Bank Account routing and account numbers

      published 0.2.0 2 years ago
    • [![Build Status](]( [![Build Status](

      published 1.33.7 25 days ago
    • A small lib to return promises or use callbacks

      published 2.1.0 2 years ago
    • A small lib to detect browser compatibility for braintree products

      published 1.14.0 5 months ago
    • A utility to consistently create iframes

      published 1.1.0 2 years ago
    • Spider test suite application for crawling and validating your website

      published 0.3.4 5 years ago
    • Node.js linter for OpenAPI specs

      published 0.9.0 5 years ago
    • A url sanitizer

      published 6.0.2 a month ago
    • A library for integrating with BraintreeHttp.

      published 0.4.0 5 years ago
    • Unified SDK wrapper module for tests, shared build config, and deploy.

      published 1.0.94 4 years ago
    • Hosted Fields component for unified PayPal/Braintree web sdk

      published 1.0.20 4 years ago
    • A module to load frontend assets.

      published 0.4.4 2 years ago
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