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NativeScript plugin for checkbox.

iOS Demo Android Demo

Table of Contents


Run the following command from the root of your project:

ns plugin add @nativescript-community/ui-checkbox

Platform controls used:

Android iOS
Android CheckBox BEMCheckBox



  • checked - boolean
  • text - text to use with the checkbox
  • fillColor - Color of the checkbox element
  • boxType - Either 'square' (default) or 'circle'. It's recommended to use 'circle' for radiobuttons. Note that plugin version 3.0.0 switched the default for iOS to 'square' for alignment with Android. Still want circle on iOS and square on Android? Just make the boxType value conditional.


  • checkedChange - Use a reference to the CheckBox component to grab it's checked property when this event fires to see the new value.


  • toggle() - Change the checked state of the view to the inverse of its current state.

Css Styling

  • color - set the text label color
  • font-size - checkbox is sized to text from here : default 15
  • border-width - set the line width of the checkbox element: iOS only

Styling [Android]

  • checkStyle - set to the name of your drawable
  • checkPadding - set the padding of the checkbox

  xmlns:CheckBox="@nativecript-community/ui-checkbox" loaded="pageLoaded">
  <ActionBar title="Native Checkbox" />
    <CheckBox:CheckBox checked="checkProp" text="myCheckText" fillColor="myCheckColor" id="myCheckbox" />
    <CheckBox:CheckBox text="CheckBox Label" checked="false" />

import { CheckBox } from '@nativecript-community/ui-checkbox';
import { topmost } from '@nativescript/core/ui/frame';

public toggleCheck() {
  const checkBox = topmost().getViewById('yourCheckBoxId');

public getCheckProp() {
  const checkBox = topmost().getViewById('yourCheckBoxId');
  console.log('checked prop value = ' + checkBox.checked);

Angular Usage Sample:

import { TNSCheckBoxModule } from '@nativecript-community/ui-checkbox/angular';

  imports: [TNSCheckBoxModule]
  // etc.
export class YourModule {}

// component:
export class SomeComponent {
  @ViewChild('CB1') FirstCheckBox: ElementRef;
  constructor() {}
  public toggleCheck() {

  public getCheckProp() {
      'checked prop value = ' + this.FirstCheckBox.nativeElement.checked
  <CheckBox #CB1 text="CheckBox Label" checked="false"></CheckBox>
  <button (tap)="toggleCheck()" text="Toggle it!"></button>
  <button (tap)="getCheckProp()" text="Check Property"></button>

NativeScript-Vue Usage Sample

In your main.js (The file where the root Vue instance is created) register the element

  () => require('@nativecript-community/ui-checkbox').CheckBox,
    model: {
      prop: 'checked',
      event: 'checkedChange'

And in your template, use it as:

<check-box :checked="isChecked" @checkedChange="isChecked = $event.value" />

Use checked instead of v-model. See #99.


This repository includes Angular, Vue.js, and Svelte demos. In order to run these execute the following in your shell:

$ git clone https://github.com/@nativescript-community/ui-checkbox
$ cd ui-checkbox
$ npm i
$ npm run setup
$ npm run build # && npm run build.angular
$ cd demo-ng # or demo-vue or demo-svelte
$ ns run ios|android

Demos and Development

Repo Setup

The repo uses submodules. If you did not clone with --recursive then you need to call

git submodule update --init

The package manager used to install and link dependencies must be pnpm or yarn. npm wont work.

To develop and test: if you use yarn then run yarn if you use pnpm then run pnpm i

Interactive Menu:

To start the interactive menu, run npm start (or yarn start or pnpm start). This will list all of the commonly used scripts.


npm run build.all

WARNING: it seems yarn build.all wont always work (not finding binaries in node_modules/.bin) which is why the doc explicitly uses npm run


npm run demo.[ng|react|svelte|vue].[ios|android]

npm run demo.svelte.ios # Example

Demo setup is a bit special in the sense that if you want to modify/add demos you dont work directly in demo-[ng|react|svelte|vue] Instead you work in demo-snippets/[ng|react|svelte|vue] You can start from the install.ts of each flavor to see how to register new demos


Update repo

You can update the repo files quite easily

First update the submodules

npm run update

Then commit the changes Then update common files

npm run sync

Then you can run yarn|pnpm, commit changed files if any

Update readme

npm run readme

Update doc

npm run doc


The publishing is completely handled by lerna (you can add -- --bump major to force a major release) Simply run

npm run publish

modifying submodules

The repo uses https:// for submodules which means you won't be able to push directly into the submodules. One easy solution is t modify ~/.gitconfig and add

[url "ssh://git@github.com/"]
	pushInsteadOf = https://github.com/


If you have any questions/issues/comments please feel free to create an issue or start a conversation in the NativeScript Community Discord.

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