Ammar Ahmed

    Packages 6

    • React Native Module for Floating/Popup video player on Android.

      published 0.0.4 2 years ago
    • A Cross Platform(Android & iOS) ActionSheet with a robust and flexible api, native performance and zero dependency code for react native. Create anything you want inside ActionSheet.

      published 0.5.8 18 days ago
    • This library aims to provide a fast & reliable solution for you data storage needs in react-native apps. It uses [MMKV]( by Tencent under the hood on Android and iOS both that is used by their WeChat app(more than 1 Billion

      published 0.6.6 2 months ago
    • A simple and robust library for creating & displaying Admob Native Ads in your React Native App using Native Views

      published 0.5.0 3 months ago
    • Material Menu for React Native using Reanimated Library for 60FPS Animations

      published 2.0.0 a year ago
    • react-native-scoped-storage

      published 1.9.1 24 days ago