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Lithium for Angular (@lithiumjs/angular)

Reactive components made easy! Lithium provides utilities that enable seamless reactive state and event interactions for Angular components.

Check out the full README for more information.


  • Reactive component state

    Lithium's ComponentStateRef service exposes a type-safe representation of component state properties as Subjects, allowing for observation of the component's full state automatically:

import { ComponentState, ComponentStateRef } from '@lithiumjs/angular';

    providers: [ComponentState.create(MyComponent)]
class MyComponent {

    public value = 0;

    constructor (stateRef: ComponentStateRef<MyComponent>) {
        stateRef.get('value').subscribe(value => console.log("value: ", value));

        this.value = 100;

    // Output:
    // value: 0
    // value: 100
  • Reactive lifecycle decorators

    Lithium adds support for reactive component events, including decorators for component lifecycle events:

import { OnInit } from '@lithiumjs/angular';

class MyComponent {

    private readonly onInit$: Observable<void>;

    constructor () {
        this.onInit$.subscribe(() => console.log("Reactive ngOnInit!"));
  • Works with Angular component decorators

    You can use Angular's built-in component decorators with Lithium. Use an @Input as a Subject and listen to a @HostListener event as an Observable!

  • OnPush components made easy

    By tracking component state changes automatically, Lithium's AutoPush feature allows you to easily write more performant components using OnPush.

  • Beyond async

    Lithium automatically manages subscription lifetimes just like Angular's async pipe, without its syntax overhead (and ugly workarounds).


Lithium can be installed via npm using the following command:

npm install @lithiumjs/angular

More information

Check out the full README for more information, including usage guides and API documentation.

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