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    The best event emitter and center, native compatible IE6

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    Unit tests guarantee support for the following environments:

    • Node 0.12+
    • Safari 6+ (Mac)
    • iOS 5+ Safari
    • Chrome 23+ (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS)
    • Firefox 4+ (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux)
    • Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows, Windows Phone)
    • Opera 10+ (Windows, linux, Android)

    Content Overview

    ├── demo - How to Use Demo
    ├── dist - Compiling Output Code
    ├── doc - Documents
    ├── src - Source Code Directory
    ├── test - Unit Tests
    ├── - Update Log
    └── - Future Plans

    How to Use

    Using npm, download and install the code.

    $ npm install --save @jsmini/event

    If you are in a node enviroment:

    var EventEmitter = require('@jsmini/event').EventEmitter;
    var ec = new EventEmitter();

    If you are in a webpack or similar environment:

    import { EventEmitter } from '@jsmini/event';
    var ec = new EventEmitter();

    If you are in a requirejs environment:

    requirejs(['node_modules/@jsmini/event/dist/index.aio.js'], function (jsmini_event) {
        var EventEmitter = jsmini_event.EventEmitter;
        var ec = new EventEmitter();

    If you are in a browser environment:

    <script src="node_modules/@jsmini/event/dist/index.aio.js"></script>
        var EventEmitter = jsmini_event.EventEmitter;
        var ec = new EventEmitter();


    Contribution Guide

    For first time contributors, you need to install the dependencies first.

    $ npm install

    To build the project:

    $ npm run build

    To run unit tests:

    $ npm test
    • Note: The browser environment needs to be tested manually under test/browser

    Modify the version number in package.json, modify the version number in, modify the, and then release the new version.

    $ npm run release

    Publish the new version to NPM

    $ npm publish --access=public

    You may need to modify the following files in your project:

    • The messages in
    • The messages in package.json
    • The messages in config/rollup.js
    • The repository name in test/browser/index.html

    Update Log

    Future Plans

    Current Users


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