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Cordova HMS DTM

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HUAWEI Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) is a dynamic tag management system. With DTM, it allows you to dynamically update its tags in a web-based user interface to track specific events and report them to third-party analytics platforms, as well as tracking types of marketing activities.

You must integrate the third-party analytics platform you want to use in your application. Huawei DTM Plugin allows you to report to other platforms simultaneously via Custom Tags.

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$ cordova plugin add @hmscore/cordova-plugin-hms-dtm

Ionic with Cordova Runtime

$ ionic cordova plugin add @hmscore/cordova-plugin-hms-dtm

Ionic with Capacitor Runtime

$ npm install @hmscore/cordova-plugin-hms-dtm

Ionic Native Wrappers

$ npm install @hmscore/ionic-native-hms-dtm


Additional Topics

Questions or Issues

If you have questions about how to use HMS samples, try the following options:

  • Stack Overflow is the best place for any programming questions. Be sure to tag your question with huawei-mobile-services.
  • GitHub is the official repository for these plugins, You can open an issue or submit your ideas.
  • Huawei Developer Forum HMS Core Module is great for general questions, or seeking recommendations and opinions.
  • Huawei Developer Docs is place to official documentation for all HMS Core Kits, you can find detailed documentations in there.

If you run into a bug in our samples, please submit an issue to the GitHub repository.


Huawei DTM Kit Cordova Plugin is licensed under the Apache 2.0 LICENSE.

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