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The GNU MCU Eclipse ARM Embedded GCC binary xPack

This binary xPack installs the platform specific binaries for GNU MCU Eclipse ARM Embedded GCC.

The source files of the xPack project are publicly available from GitHub.

How to use

This section is intended for developers who plan to use the ARM Embedded GCC toolchain.


The only requirement is a recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application. To install it, follow the instructions from the xpm page.

Easy install

The xPack is available as @gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc from the public npmjs.com repository; with xpm available, installing the latest version of the package is quite easy:

$ npm update --global xpm
$ xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc

Global xPacks are always installed in the user home folder, even on GNU/Linux or macOS, and do not require sudo.

The GNU MCU Eclipse plug-ins automatically identify binaries installed with xpm and provide a convenient method to manage paths.

To remove the installed xPack, the command is similar:

$ xpm uninstall --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc

(Note: not yet implemented. As a temporary workaround, simply remove the xPacks/@gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc folder, or the versions subfolders.)

Developer info

The xPack git repo

The few xPack source files are available from GitHub:

$ git clone https://github.com/gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc-xpack.git arm-none-eabi-gcc-xpack.git

Binary files

The binaries are not stored on the npmjs.com server, but are downloaded from
the releases section of the gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc GitHub project.

Maintainer info

How to publish

  • open releases and select the latest release
  • update the baseUrl: with the file URLs (including the tag/version)
  • from the blog post, copy the SHA & file names
  • commit all changes, use a message like package.json: update urls for v7.2.0-1.2 release
  • update CHANGELOG.md; commit with a message like CHANGELOG: prepare v7.2.0-1.2.1
  • npm version 7.2.0-1.2.1
  • push all changes to GitHub
  • npm publish

Multiple xPack releases referring to the same GitHub release have an extra digit in the version field, like 7.2.0-1.2.3.


The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.

The binary distributions include several open-source components; the corresponding licenses are available in the .content/gnu-mcu-eclipse/licenses folder of the installed package.

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