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    Release info

    For more details on the xpm releases, please check the releases pages on the project web.


    If you already know the general facts about xpm, you can directly skip to:

    xPacks overview

    xpm is a Node.js CLI application to manage xPacks dependencies.

    xPacks are general purpose multi-version software packages, much the same as the highly successful npm modules in the Node.js JavaScript ecosystem.

    xPacks are generally Git repositories and can be published on npmjs.com or any npm compatible server.


    The main purpose of the xpm command line tool is to install both source and binary xPacks, and to easily update them when new versions are released.


    The current version requires Node.js >= 10.x.

    Since it is recommended to use a version manager or to customize the npm install location, please read the Install page for more details.


    The basic command is:

    npm install --global xpm@latest

    Note: In the current configuration, npm complains about several deprecated packages; these packages are used by some third party packages, and until those packages will update their dependencies, there is not much we can do to prevent these warnings.

    For more details, please refer to the Install page.

    User info

    To get an initial glimpse on the program, ask for help:

    $ xpm --help
    The xPack package manager command line tool
    Usage: xpm <command> [<subcommand>...] [<options> ...] [<args>...]
    where <command> is one of:
      init, install, link, list, run, uninstall
    Common options:
      --loglevel <level>     Set log level (silent|warn|info|verbose|debug|trace) 
      -s|--silent            Disable all messages (--loglevel silent) 
      -q|--quiet             Mostly quiet, warnings and errors (--loglevel warn) 
      --informative          Informative (--loglevel info) 
      -v|--verbose           Verbose (--loglevel verbose) 
      -d|--debug             Debug messages (--loglevel debug) 
      -dd|--trace            Trace messages (--loglevel trace, -d -d) 
      --no-update-notifier   Skip check for a more recent version 
      -C <folder>            Set current folder 
    xpm -h|--help            Quick help 
    xpm <command> -h|--help  Quick help on command 
    xpm --version            Show version 
    xpm -i|--interactive     Enter interactive mode 
    npm xpm@0.9.0 '/Users/ilg/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/lib/node_modules/xpm'
    Home page: <https://xpack.github.io/xpm/>
    Bug reports: <https://github.com/xpack/xpm-js/issues/>

    Maintainer info

    This page documents how to use this module in an user application. For maintainer information, see the separate README-MAINTAINER.md page.


    The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.

    The design is heavily influenced by the npm application, Copyright (c) npm, Inc. and Contributors, Licensed on the terms of The Artistic License 2.0.


    The xpm tool is currently work in progress and should be used with caution.


    npm i xpm

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