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Feathers Express framework bindings and REST provider

This plugin turns a Feathers v3+ application into a drop-in replacement for any Express application.


npm install @feathersjs/express --save

Important: This plugin only works with feathers 3.0 and later


Please refer to the @feathersjs/express API documentation for more details.

Complete Example

Here's an example of a Feathers server that uses @feathersjs/express.

const feathers = require('feathers');
const express = require('@feathersjs/express');
const app = express(feathers());
app.use('/myservice', {
  get(id) {
    return Promise.resolve({ id });
app.use((req, res) => res.json({ message: 'Hello world' }));
console.log('Feathers app started on');


Copyright (c) 2017

Licensed under the MIT license.