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    Package moved to https://www.npmjs.com/package/releasify


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    A CLI tool to simplify your release process!

    Important note: This tool simplify a process, if you don't have one, it is the right time to adopt one!

    The Release Process with releasify

    This is what you can archive with this tool to release your module:

    1. You want to release your awesome-module
    2. Go to the local directory an checkout the branch you want to release
    3. Execute releasify publish (see the examples) and the tool will:
    4. checks that your local repo is aligned with your git remote
    5. updates the version of your package.json
    6. publishes the module in your npm registry using your default settings
    7. commit&push the bumped version to your remote
    8. creates a GitHub release with a CHANGELOG description and appling a tag with the same version of the package.json
    9. A new version of your module is now published! 🎉


    // global install
    npm i releasify -g
    // npx usage
    npx releasify <command>
    // show man of a command
    npx releasify <command> --help


    Check the man directory to see all the arguments detail or type npx releasify help to get a preview.


    You need a [GitHub OAUTH Token][gh-token] with scope repo:public_repo to run this command.

    releasify publish [--path|-p <path>]
                      [--tag|-t <pattern>]
                      [--semver|-s <release>]
                      [--verbose|-v <level>]
                      [--remote|-r <string>]
                      [--branch|-b <string>]
                      [--gh-token|-k <env name var | token>]
                      [--npm-access|-a <string>]
                      [--npm-dist-tag <string>]
                      [--npm-otp <code>]


    Release minor of "your-module" with 2FA on npm and customizing the GitHub release message:

    export MY_ENV_OAUTH_KEY 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    cd /your-module
    releasify publish -v debug -s minor -k MY_ENV_OAUTH_KEY -e --npm-otp 123456

    Release a patch of your "mod" in the branch 1.x, assuming disabled 2FA on npm and the OAUTH token in env as GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN

    releasify publish -p ./mod -b 1.x -t v1.* -v debug -s patch


    • -b: it will check that your local repository is in the right branch and it will be used in the bump phase
    • -t: it will be used to explore the git history to find the commit messages. This is necessary when your tag name pattern doesn't follow the v<semver-version> pattern. By default the value of this parameter is v${major version read from package.json}*


    Print out the new version that should be released with its changelog listing the commit messages.

    The commits shown are

    • from: the HEAD of your local project
    • to: the first commit or the last version tag you created

    Moreover, if the commit message is written with the pattern: text describing (#123), where (#123) is the pull request ID, the labels of that PR are downloaded and processed by the template engine. These info are fetched from GitHub, keep in mind that there are rate limits.

    releasify draft [--path|-p <path>]
                    [--tag|-t <pattern>]
                    [--semver|-s <release>]
                    [--verbose|-v <level>]


    Licensed under MIT.




    npm i @fastify/releasify

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