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10up Project Scaffold

The 10up Project Scaffold is a command line tool to quickly initialize a started theme or plugin for your new project. It adheres to all 10up's best practice coding standards and has been reviewed for security, performance, and scalability. This project is aimed specifically at the work that 10up does, but we welcome all community contributions.

If you have an update for the theme or plugin that is generated, please submit those issues or pull requests with the associated repository:

View the theme repository

View the plugin repository

Set Up from Github

  1. Clone the repository locally
  2. Run cd project-scaffold
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm link to make the create-10up command global

Setup from

npm install @10up/create-10up -g

Project Types

  • theme
  • plugin

Example Usage

cd <your-project-directory>

create-10up theme human-theme-name

create-10up plugin human-plugin-name

npm install

Updating this tool

create-10up is in active development. To get the latest, navigate to this folder in your home directory (or wherever else you have it installed) and git pull.

Learn more about the packages used with this project




npm i @10up/create-10up

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